Science with the New Generation of
High Energy Gamma-Ray Experiments
–= 6th Workshop =–
Euganean Spa Area, Padova: October 8 - 10, 2008
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SciNeGHE '08: The program

Some presentations could be missing or incomplete due to data policy issues.

Wednesday Oct 8th, Afternoon Aula Rostagni, Dept. Physics, Padova University
14.30J. McEneryFermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope: Mission Status and Plans
15.10D.J. ThompsonGeV – TeV Multiwavelength Opportunities [PDF]
15.50N. OmodeiGRB as seen by FGST
16.10G. TostiAGN observations with Fermi LAT
16.30Fermi PartyFollowing: Giotto frescoes at "Cappella degli Scrovegni"
Thursday Oct 9th, Morning Centro Congressi "Pietro d'Abano", Abano Terme, Padova
9.00P. CaraveoHighlights from the Agile mission[PDF]
9.25E. de Oña WilhelmiHESS [PDF]
9.50J. RicoStatus and recent results of MAGIC [PDF]
10.15M. BeilickeVERITAS – Status and results of the 2007/2008 season [PDF]
10.40S. WagnerHESS multiwavelength programme
11.00coffee break 
11.30O. de JagerThe time evolution of PWN in the GeV-TeV domain [PDF]
11.50A. ReimerMassive stars in colliding wind systems: the HE gamma ray perspective [PDF]
12.10F. FeinsteinSNRs interact with molecular clouds and reveal accelerated hadrons [PDF]
12.30A.Y. RodriguezThe GeV to TeV view of SNR IC443: predictions for Fermi [PDF]
12.45M. ShaydukDetection of pulsed γ-rays above 25 GeV from the Crab Pulsar
Thursday Oct 9th, Afternoon Centro Congressi "Pietro d'Abano", Abano Terme, Padova
14.30A. ChenGalactic γ-ray sources with AGILE
14.45P. Saz ParkinsonFGST observations of γ-ray pulsars [PDF]
15.05M. RazzanoFirst light on the Vela pulsar by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
15.20S. CasanovaOn the level of the CR sea flux [PDF]
15.40F. TavecchioThe blazar sequence: prospects for GeV and TeV observations [PDF]
16.00coffee break 
16.20A. FranceschiniBkg. Radiations & Cosmic Photon-Photon Opacity [PDF]
16.40D. KhangulyanFormation of hard VHE γ-ray spectra of blazars due to internal γ–γ absorption
17.00D. MazinConstraints on EBL from Cherenkov Telescopes: status and perspectives
17.20S. VercelloneCrazy diamond (and other blazars) [PDF]
17.35G. BrunettiGamma ray emission and particle acceleration in galaxy clusters [PDF]
17.55G. VannoniAccel. of UHE proton at cluster accretion shocks & related non-therm. emission [not public]
20.30Social Dinner"La Piroga", Selvazzano Dentro, Padova
Friday Oct 10th, Morning Centro Congressi "Pietro d'Abano", Abano Terme, Padova
9.00E. BernardiniThe hunt for cosmic sources with IceCube [PDF]
9.55M. IacovacciThe ARGO/YBJ experiment
10.20M. TeshimaCTA
10.50coffee break 
11.20A. MorselliDM from space [PDF]
11.40V. VitaleIndirect search for DM with Fermi from the Galactic Center
11.55S. CovinoGRB observations with new generation IACTs in the Fermi era [PDF]
12.15P. Saz ParkinsonA search for GeV-TeV emission from GRBs using the MILAGRO detector [PDF]
12.30R. WagnerExploring QG with VHE γ-ray instruments - prospects and limitations [PDF]
Friday Oct 10th, Afternoon Centro Congressi "Pietro d'Abano", Abano Terme, Padova
14.30F. AharonianPotential of ground-based γ astronomy [PDF]
15.00G. KanbachGRIPS: GRB Investigation via Polarimetry and Spectroscopy [PDF]
15.30M. RoncadelliDetection of a new light boson by Cherenkov telescopes? [PDF]
15.50O. TibollaH.E.S.S. unidentified: how can Fermi GST help? [PDF]
16.10concluding remarks 
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